On a mission

We’re on a mission to drive urgent action to limit the effects of climate change, particularly for the most vulnerable people and countries. With radical collaboration and stubborn optimism we will bend the curve of global GHG emissions by 2020, enabling humanity to flourish.

It’s necessary, it’s desirable and it’s achievable.

Climate change is the major opportunity we have to modernize our transport, our energy generation and efficiency, to become more energy independent, to clean our air, to improve our land-use, to create jobs and to have more liveable cities.

Meeting the 2020 turning point will bring many added benefits in health, energy, food security and employment creation. It will form a strong base for shared prosperity and financial stability.

It will also, in turn, help meet people’s common desire to prosper, with good jobs, safe homes and a flourishing natural world. The foundation for this stability is a living earth and a stable climate.

The Road to Success