How we work

Mission 2020 is a collective endeavor. It requires commitment and action by all stakeholders across countries and cultures. That is why the Mission 2020 team is the extended network of individuals from organizations around the world who have taken the Mission on as their own. This extensive network is continuously growing, with people contributing every day to the descent of global emissions by 2020.

In support of this ever growing team, Mission 2020 is coordinated by a group of experienced diplomats, campaigners and strategists from around the globe, working across the six milestone areas to help deliver immediate breakthroughs on emissions reductions. The team collaborates with a wide variety of organizations and constituents from sectors across the landscape, including businesses, investors, cities & states, non-governmental organizations, and faith groups to harness, elevate and accelerate the ongoing momentum toward the 2020 turning point.

To achieve our shared goal, we use a combination of:

  • targeted, high-level diplomacy 
  • multi-stakeholder convening 
  • creative strategic communications